Interested 3rd year Bachelor Students in psychology are kindly requested to apply to the Erasmus+ program:

“Support to youth identities in diverse Europe (SIDE)”
A Two-Week Intensive Course (6 ECTS) in Cluj Napoca, Romania, March 5-17, 2018

Who am I? What do I want to do in my life? These kinds of questions are frequently on the mind of adolescents and young adults (ages 12-29) and refer to the central developmental task for these youth: identity formation. Members of previous generations who grew up in relative simple and uniform societies already struggled with identity formation. However, the relatively recent phenomenon of globalization has made the formation of an identity even more challenging as today’s adolescents and young adults live in increasingly more complex diverse societies due to the relatively recent phenomenon of globalization. The present course provides an in-depth focus on challenges to identity formation in the modern world.
Teachers (international experts in the field of identity formation) and 25 students from five European countries (France, Italy, Lithuania, Poland, Romania) will participate in a comprehensive two-week intensive program on identity in diverse Europe.

Why you should apply:

Receive high-level education from international experts in the field of identity research;

Get to know social-sciences students from other countries.

You are eligible, if:

You are a 3rd year bachelor student in Psychology

You study in one of partneruniversities.

Applications should be submitted directly to partner universities. Pleasecontactyour local representatives.

Download application form here:

Applications should be received before November 15, 2017.
For additional information contact us.

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