The curriculum „Support for youth identities in diverse Europe (SIDE)“

The curriculum „Support for youth identities in diverse Europe (SIDE)“ is designed as an intensive program for university students, who are interested in interdisciplinary perspectives on youth identity development and well-being.

The SIDE curriculum provides a possibility to reflect on the most important factors that shape youth identities in changing contemporary European contexts and identify the most effective tools for identity-related research and practical work with youth. The curriculum aims to build the capacity of students to carry out identity-related research and practical work with young people, by presenting current interdisciplinary research on youth identity, reviewing relevant research methods and tools, as well as analyzing innovative examples of practical work with youth. The curriculum provides an integrated interdisciplinary perspective on youth identity, informed by recent theory and findings in developmental and social psychology, sociology, social anthropology and European studies.


Here you can find the lecture slides that were used in the intensive course “Support to youth identities in diverse Europe (SIDE)” in English.

"SIDE in practice. STUDENT VIDEOS"

These videos were made while implementing the intensive course “Support to youth identities in diverse Europe (SIDE)” in Romania, 2018. It came as a part of student's final assignment and explore various questions in the field of youth identity.

Student testimonials

Thank you very much for your great involvement and commitment to teaching us - there is nothing more motivating for a student than learning from passionate and curious teachers! I feel lucky to be in such an environment for 2 weeks.

The interplay between the topic (identity development) and the personal stage of career and life of the students was great.

I am taking home from the intensive study course the experience, new friends and team work skills. Once again I saw that each of us are unique and beautiful in their way.

Great hardworking attitude and valuable information!

New knowledge, new things learned, my new growing identity, new way of seeing what surrounds us, new way of seeing myself.

I especially liked the interactions between cultures, the familiarity between students and teachers, the not forced involvement in the lectures and final assignment project.

The teachers were really good. The lessons and the project were extremely interesting and challenging.

I liked high expectations towards the students and strong involvement from the teachers' side; a lot of encouragement from teachers towards students.

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